To become a member of the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design (AAGAD), an application* must be submitted and approved. All applicants must have professional experience in the game industry.

Academy members enjoy many benefits:

  • GAMA membership at Communicating level
  • Eligible to register one badge to the GAMA Trade Show at no additional cost
  • Eligible to register up to two badges to the Origins Game Fair at no additional cost
  • Two tickets to the Origins Awards show at the Origins Game Fair, including special seating in the VIP area
  • An Academy pin
  • Eligible to apply to serve on the Origins Awards Jury

Serve on a Jury

In order to serve on a jury, the applicant must be an Academy member and complete an application*.

Each award category is represented by a Foreman and one representative from each of the following industry roles; Manufacturer, Distributor, Retailer, and Media.

Selected jury members serve for two consecutive award cycles.

*Applications for Academy membership and Jury Service must be approved. AcademySecretary(at)